Who has manipulated Terra, and how to protect your crypto assets

Insider information about the Luna coin crash, and how to make a fortune on preventing such situations.

As you can see in the documents, Blackrock and Citadel have triggered this crypro crash.

I have announced the perfect hedging solution for prevention of such situations: Web3 Reserve system, backed by a pool of NFT-linked innovations, voted by a DAO of Metamarketing network.

This mechanism is base on the fact that transparence creates trust. The example of DeFi Kingdoms: founders were pressed to discover their identiries, and that has restored the trust.

DAO Reserve Pools as the Future of NFTs and the Metaverse.

· Investment opportunities in serving traditional companies to migrate to the Metaverse

Influencer-driven voting on the NFTs to be used as assets in Reserve (Liquidity) pool,

and in metamarketing companies. This way, the value of Liquidity pool will only increase, with each new campaign.

How hedging mechanism works?

Attacks on stablecoins are possible because DeFi 1.0 is built on the manipulation, direct and/or indirect, of liquidity. Therefore v. 3.0 Uniswap contains protection against vampire mining, as well as the creation of NFTs against pledged liquidity to limit this very transfer.

But where is it more effective to take one more step …

wNFT derivatives
I have already written about them more than once, but let’s look from this perspective — from the perspective of protection from obvious attacks:

Create liquidity blocked at the first level by wrapping tokens, native coins and NFTs in wNFT ERC-20;
Further, deductions can be received into the security and / or storage of royalties for various reasons and from various sources (say, you pledged your tokens to farming);
At the same time, you have wNFT on hand, which you can transfer, and with it all the pledged tokens (or part, if it is a multi-storage), interest on payments, etc.
What does it give? Obviously a lot:

Do not transfer ERC-20 tokens back and forth, thereby not speculatively affecting their rate;
But at the same time, you can use this liquidity at the level of the second order;
And do not give up the DeFi mechanic at the same time.
And it is obvious that this solution is better than LP, since some new entity is not created, which, after 2–3 orders of pledges, becomes either divorced from the main one, or, worse, has a dependence of the reverse pyramid. And yes, everything has already been done: for the first time — DAO ENVELOP.

In Metabook Reserve pool. the voting of DAO will decide on what assets to take into. Metabook is a combination of the Sharing economy of events and a community portal

Candidates to Reserve pool are:



The Relictum



https://www.giftcoin.org/ — tha latest candidate, from Integrative medicine genius Alex Howard.

Register on the waitlist of the voting site




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