15 Trillion $ AI added value: sharing with prosumers of AI / XR innovations

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AI works. You network. How new AI business model creates new wealth in MetaAll Sharing economy, and why EU is lagging behind

Sam Altman road show in MENA Hub

EU AI strategy is a total disaster: a lot of national languages, and strict GDPR regulation make EU unable to compete with the USA, China and Arab AI platforms. There is the reason of economic unefficience of the EU in digital economy.

On the other hand, #MetaAll Sharing Economy has gained momentum in the USA, where mentality and language diversity still not ruined the fabric of data driven economy. And in KSA, country with Vision 2030 able to replace even American dream. Best Ai / Emerging tech talents from both EMEA and Americas are now attracted by such appealing mega projects, as Neom and other 22 projects valued $3T in total


Deglobalization has made EU and other regions not able to compete with KSA, which is like China 20 years aga: all top corporations and talents are enticed by unique opportunities here.

Di-globalization: digital is eating real economy.

AI has disrupted the entyre global economy, amplifying recession. Sharing AI benefits is the anti-recession solution.

Di-globalization is a term coined by Alvin Wang Graylin. In spite of deglobalization in real economy, in digital economy we see di-globalization. I was keynoting on this topic at WEF 2023 and this event

How to occupy key position in digital economy.

MetaAll / Metabook are two pillars of Meta Alliance Sharing Economy of AI benefits. It works as a consolidating mechanism around MetaAll AI contest / referral system.

Consolidation of the best AI/ XR talents is the key to leadership. This is why MetaAll is sharing with participants of AI contest all the benefits from Metabook Decentralized Agent Organization’s work. Metabook is to distribute innovations of Emerging tech rating leaders.

Emerging tech innovations have a much higher margin, comparing to commodity goods and services. There were the drivers of each technology cycle, derived from a dominant invention (“iPhone moment”, to name the latest one). Now, AI a new technology king. See how #OpenAI CEO and CSO explain that game-changing moment at an event with me:


What else Meta Alliance is doing in the AI area?

AI contest and AI council.

AI contest.

Next Gen Ai Contest is a game of skills. Bigger than music and more lucrative than Hollywood, games influence almost every aspect of 3Bln people lives . TikTok challenges like ‘Gamers Got Talent (GGT)’ to empower young female gamers and showcase their talent. The TikTok GGT hashtag exploded in popularity, garnering 17 billion views in just a couple of weeks Gaming is the fastest-growing entertainment vertical in the world, linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7092168426248355840/

Using AI/ AR convergence as new “iPhone moment”, we’re to create leading channel of Immersive AR promo/games.

AI Council will protect ethics/kids in Immersive words, that is the mission of MetaAll platform. And will educate / judge AI contest participants / candidates to Metabook Agent platform. Structuring and powering up the growth of MetaAll/Metabook.

Incentive mechanism: AR devices/ training for free. Connections with most successful and powerful players in emerging tech.

Effect: jobs or investment

Assets, MetaAll has for iDeals and NGC.

  1. Game currencies are training of investment skills. MetaAll starts with Next Gen AI game contest, to make a rating of AI / game enthusiasts, able to teach next Billion of AI users. Teachers and leaders of game communities invited to create their clans.
  2. Reserve pool for Clans of NGC participants: discount immediate or doubled sum in 2030, plus participation in prize drawing

AI NGC is first batch of participants in MetaAll Sharing economy: your Clan or country style in AI video. Next gen of Pokemon Go games to be selected and activated globally, in XR format.

To rated NGC participants will be invited to MetaAll agent netwotk of XR promo/sales. Also, to make support/training on XR / AI. Next Trillion $ turnover will be made out of replacement of outdated computers and delivering services in XR/mobile formats. AI / XR skills in digital health and other industries are in the high demand, this job is paid $100,000 +.

iDeals ©

Instead of Amazon, based on fadded American dream, non-Western world needs MetaAll iDeals platform for micro-deals, in safe i-environment.

Below, you’d see how MetaAll will provide trained XR agents with $100.000 job.Consider first use case:

XR sales of real estate and touristic services. From MetaAll experience, it is 79% more effective, resulting in impulse spending. One real estate agent could make $100,000 in just a couple of months, remotely selling future Neom apartments or luxury villas of KSA. This is the real future of work, remote work for members of MetaAll.

Other use cases are in video streaming and online training / support / entertainment. All these activities are twice as rewarding for both consumers (ready to pay premium for a superior experience) and MetaAll agents.

How to start with MetaAll and NGContest?

Just try Immersive games and XR e-commerce, and you immediately become a fan. If a trained XR specialist assist you. This job of future, XR assistant with AI tools, would be the most common one: half of population (even in developed countries) have very bad IT skill, being not able to learn XR/ AI by themselves.

This is the reason why MetaAll XR Sharing Economy could reach a turnover of $Trillion in 6 years, based on the needs of global economy to integrate new technologies, and KSA Vision 2030: Saudi Arabia funds ability to back a monopoly global channel of Immersive e-commerce and entertainment.

Start with registration on


Opportunities MetaAll is sharing with best NGC participants.

Grow your clan and become a node of DAO, doing sharing of benefits of the biggest shift in global economy, from 4 industrial revolution to 5G-driven 5S consumption of services.


Cloud gaming is on the rise: Cloud gaming services like Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud are gaining traction, offering players the ability to play games on any device with an internet connection

So, MetaAll members will share all the benefits of Emtech pioneers, in a non-riski manner, and Immersive format

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