TikTok Anthems for countries, on sharing revenue platform

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2 min readJul 4, 2023

Global contest on audio branding of countries

This is copywright publication for securing the rights for participants of MetaAll Sharing Economy: July 4, 2023. Edward Musinki.


Contest on audio branding of countries, in short format, which fits new media platform more, than old fashion athems.

This contest will be made in a decentralised manner, on DAO platform. Details to be announced on www.metaall.club

The concept of global Sharing platform for freelancers/ creators, was born in 2019, after my meetings at Davos forum.

What makes sharing economy participants more successful?

The individualist mindset won’t get you very far among the wealthy, where connections and mutual trust are everything. Our app incentivize people to be comprised of highly skilled teams who come together and change the world.

MetaAll members will participate in distribution of the outcomes from Uberization of healthcare and other service industries, where 80% of cost are low efficient.

Three types of motivation embedded into application will make users and clients more healthy, engaged and loyal to partner companies’ offerings. MetaAll will share the outcomes with all sharing economy participants. Doing that in the transparent manner, on blockchain technology.

At Davos 2019, I initiated this discussion: sharing benefits with data owners. At Davos 2020, I keynoted in this connection at an event by Bill Tai, first angel of Twitter and Zoom, and a lot of blockchain startups.

The idea of Strong AI initiative is to design human-level AGI, that will be for each person benefit, not for shareholders of data aggregators like Facebook.

You will be able to make money from insurance company, when this kind of personal AI Shield will secure your health and other critical issues.

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