Strong AI solutions for the health of economy and each of us

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4 min readMay 21, 2024

Personal AI helpers are new driving force in the world of chaotic changes and overautomatization. Solving mental health pandemic, preventing risks from unusual sun activity and working instead of you, for you!

Use case #1, realised by MetaAll:

GenAI alternative of TV series “How did they build that?”, Richard Hammond”s Big & Mega Structures.

Paul Bronstein, XR Labs

20 years ago these tv series started promoting UAE and other cities. Now, MetaAll is doing that 24 times cheaper, using genAI, for KSA megaprojects.

You’d be able to learn these AI skills, by joining MetaAll Sharing Economy on

Strong AI: working instead of you, for you!

That is the the big promise of AGI, aka Strong AI.

Strong AI initiative was created at Davos 2020 (the one with Donald Trump), by Edward Musinski and co-founders of Telewellness (now CheckApp). See the bold prediction on AI-driven wealth (expected as much as $15.7 trillion)

Strong AI initiative: profit from your data!

At Davos 2019, I put the question about sharing benefits with data owners.

The idea of Strong AI initiative is to design human-level AGI, that will work for each person’s benefit, not for shareholders of data aggregators like Facebook. See the article above.

Use case #2: CheckApp

CheckApp is doing instant AI screening of user’s health conditions, providing him with stress relief and other mental health benefits. You will be able to make money from insurance company, when this kind of personal AI Shield will secure your health and other critical issues.

Mental conditions can impact your health, that is proven by multiple researches and by Chinese and Indian medicine.

Health will become the main issue for manking in next 12 month: According to the US National Weather Service, solar maximum is expected in July 2025, with a peak of 115 sunspots.

Now we have ten times less sun activity, but it is already overhelming one! This weekend out sun produced its most powerful flare in almost 20 years on Tuesday, rated a strong X-class solar flare, including gamma rays.

Gamma rays produces mutations and damage to our health, causing cancer. And we are now exposed to multiple gamma radiation daily, which is 30 times higher than previous records!

AI agent can prolong your life, by early prevention of cancer and other illnesses risks.

Strong AI Summit: consolidating top minds in the interests of mankind.

See the speakers of this game changing event.

Brett King, futurist, quoted by heads of the biggest states. See his video by link below, on the pivotal role of AI in healthcare, the future of economic systems, and the potential of data-driven societies. Don’t miss this captivating glimpse into a future where data is not just an asset, but a cornerstone of global progress.

Winston Ma, CFA & Esq., is an investor, attorney, author of bestselling books, and adjunct professor in the global AI-digital economy. He is a partner of Dragon Global, and working with the biggest funds.

More information:

The Economist reported that the U.S. “is in the midst of an extraordinary startup boom.”–2024

This growth will be driven by AI. And millions of people capable of designing an AI agent suite, will benefit from that surge in productivity.

MetaAll is to do training for AI jobs for millions, just registed on

Strong AI summit is to showcase the most profitable AI business models.

Chip industry is in the focus of all countries, as I realised from speeches of heads of states at WEF in Riyadh, April 29

#1 AI investor among invitees of Strong AI Summit: Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

PIF is focused on AI and have created new $100B program of AI/ Emerging tech investments in the country, to achieve the main milestone: increasing the ratio of non-oil in GDP.

Also, top global stars will attend the Strong AI Summit.

More information:

Concept of streaming of Strong AI Summit with stars of AI, music, sports

Strong AI: working instead of you, for you!

IT degrees are no longer the golden ticket to lucrative tech industry salaries with many recent grads finding it harder than ever to land a job.

Artificial intelligence is part of the reason, says the WSJ, with tech giants shifting hiring priorities .

There is no need to work for corporation anymore! For the first time in history, one person company can make millions $ in turnover, using AI.

How to prosper in this situation of total shift to a new economy?

Disruptive technologies typically emerge through price-sensitive segments that are not of interest to market leaders.

MetaAll is consolidating top AI minds, to do training and develop the world’s first distribution system for AI-driven innovations.

As pioneers of that disruption, MetaAll agents would profit the most



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