SoftBank Vision Fund and Blue Chip Vision.

“Blue chip” is the name for well-established market leaders. Blue chip companies are sustainable in the face of adverse economic conditions. The perfect example is SoftBank: one of the first Yahoo and Alibaba investors, SoftBank was in the big trouble during dot-com crash, but it only grown since 2001.
Now Softbank is the biggest ($100 Bln.) venture investor in the most innovative companies. Two of them, Uber and WeWork, doing business in the “sharing economy”, are demonstrating the vision of the
SoftBank’s Vision Fund in action, by sharing value with users.

Win-Win strategy

Vision Fund investments in Blue Chip companies of sharing economy

Infrastructure for connecting the dots between sharing economy and Blue chip companies.

Billion dollars assets of Blue Chip Vision.

Tipping point of mass adoption of crypto.

It is an added value service for end users and a resinating use case. Once the BCV Blue Chip completes its cycle within the Opportunity
Access Queue (OAQ) process, BCV business model drives the sustainability. The end users will end up with more than they started with.

Blue Chip Vision


Dr. Christine Satchell and the Prime Minister of Australia.

Detail on Blue Chip Vision see on



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