Secrets of leadership, using top-10 AI trends as leverage in 2024

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5 min readDec 31, 2023

According to top executives of global leading companies, and NEOM expectations (biggest investment project on the globe).

Saudi Arabia event

I have been consolidated more than 300 AI/Emtech experts, and made private interviews with top executives of global leading companices since 2019, predicting

For KSA giga projects we (Meta Alliance with Voola and Ozone) make a system of distribution of Emerging tech, by consolidating AI / XR talent pool in AI contest for Neom.

It is a Massive Transformative Purpose of transforming distribution of Emerging technologies via Sharing referral platform, which unites Meta Alliance and Ozone platforms in one agent distribution system, with AI contest as selection mechanism.

It was presented at best investment events in 2023, so , now we have hot leads: Neom, JP Morgan and 8 KSA companies

Now. I am in the Inclusive AI initiative group that is second main force in AI R&D area, after Center for AI safety, created with purpose of “Mitigating the risk of extinction from AI should be a global priority alongside other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.”

David Brin’s special report on AI tech-derived challenge

“We’re all familiar with dire Skynet warnings about rogue or oppressive AI emerging from some military project or centralized regime as seen in the Terminator films. But what about Wall Street, which spends more on “smart programs” than all universities, combined? Programs deliberately trained to be predatory, parasitical, amoral, secretive, and insatiable?”

David Brin is an astrophysicist whose international best-selling novels include The Postman, Earth and Otherness. His first nonfiction book, The Transparent Society, won the ALA’s Freedom of Speech Award. His new one is Vivid Tomorrows: Science Fiction and Hollywood.

I like David’s solution for these existential risks. Read this Wired article

“Some remain hopeful that a merging of organic and cybernetic talents will lead to what Reid Hoffman and Marc Andreesen have separately called “amplification intelligence.” Or else we might stumble into lucky synergy with Richard Brautigan’s “machines of loving grace.” But worriers appear to be vastly more numerous, including many elite founders of a new Center for AI Safety who fret about rogue AI misbehaviors, from irksome all the way to “existentially” threatening human survival.

AI might be compared to an invasive species, now spreading without constraint into a novel and naïve ecosystem. An ecosystem based on new kinds of energy flows. One that consists of the internet, plus millions of computers and billions of impressionable human minds.

And only one thing ever limited predation by powerful humans exploiting new technologies to aggrandize their predatory power:


That innovation was to flatten hierarchies and spur competition among elites in well-defined arenas — markets, science, democracy, sports, courts. Arenas that were designed to minimize cheating and maximize positive-sum outcomes, pitting lawyer vs. lawyer, corporation vs. corporation, expert vs. expert.

How can such beings be held accountable? Especially when their speedy mental clout will soon be impossible for organic humans to track? Soon only AIs will be quick enough to catch other AIs that are engaged in cheating or lying. Um … duh? And so, the answer should be obvious. Sic them on each other. Get them competing, even tattling or whistle-blowing on each other.

Only there’s a rub. In order to get true reciprocal accountability via AI-vs.-AI competition, the top necessity is to give them a truly separated sense of self or individuality.

By individuation I mean that each AI entity (he/she/they/ae/wae) must have what author Vernor Vinge, way back in 1981, called a true name and an address in the real world. As with every other kind of elite, these mighty beings must say, “I am me. This is my ID and home-root. And yes, I did that.”

HENCE, I PROPOSE a new AI format for consideration: We should urgently incentivize AI entities to coalesce into discretely defined, separated individuals of relatively equal competitive strength.”

Read details on David Brin article by link

How to dive into the global AI market that is expected to reach a $190 billion in 2 years?

Here are AI trends, used by executives of top global companies, from the rise of generative AI to BYOAI and AGI.

  1. Gartner predicts: by 2026, the adoption of generative AI is expected to skyrocket, with over 80% of enterprises incorporating generative AI APIs, models, and applications into their operations, up from less than 5% currently.
  2. BYOAI. Forrester reports that 60% of workers will utilize their own AI to perform tasks.
  3. Enterprise AI. While open AI models persists, Enterprise AI is to increase, because of data privacy reasons, according to Forrester. AI TRiSM stands for Artificial Intelligence Trust, Risk, and Security Management.
  4. AI upskilling — refers to the process of learning new skills and knowledge related to AI to improve one’s job performance or career prospects
  5. AI tools for remote team management. I personally have invested in ToDo Ai and Voola AI messenger, which are instrumental for distributed teams.
  6. Forrester’s AI predictions for 2024, a major insurer will offer a specific AI risk hallucination policy. […] In fact, hallucination insurance will be a big money maker in 2024.
  7. AI coding tools will be a standard practice.
  8. Personalization. A study by McKinsey : companies that do personalization make 40% more revenue. Gartner’s report, by 2026, 34% of all new apps will use AI to create personalized UI.
  9. Customer services. Consumers prioritize safety, ease of use, and integration with existing tools. support services leads believe customers will expect AI customer service. Customer service leaders know more than service representatives. While 79% of support leaders are confident that customers are ready to interact with an AI chatbot, less than half of support practitioners feel the same.
  10. Supercomputers meet super minds. Insrumental for Drug development: see how is leading this area, by consolidating Nobel Prize winner

Best tech means power.

And “Inclusive AI” initiative is to empower all data sharing participants of MetaAll platform. This is opportunity you can’t miss our.

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