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Rating of 2024 Top Emerging tech, and Inclusive AI Initiative

AI generated Musk + Gates + Zuckerberg

Meta Alliance has presented Emerging tech rating at the most representative investment events of 2023. Yes, Generative AI is #1.

In 2024, Edward Musinski and team will make the insights from panel discussions above instrumental for empowering MetaAll Sharing Economy users with tools for participation in the reshaping of global economy value chain.

Best tech means power.

And “Inclusive AI” initiative is to empower all data sharing participants of MetaAll platform. This is opportunity you can’t miss our.

INCLUSIVE AI to rule them all.

The “Inclusive AI” initiative is a program of voting for a panel of renowned experts that will be in charge of authorizing Open source AI models.

This self-regulation of industry is an essential element of safe development of AI technology towards Strong AI, or AGI, a summit of all Emerging technologies ongoing convergence.


Stability, Safety, Sharing are the organizational princiles of INCLUSIVE AI INITIATIVE.

Experts in MetaAll expert panel, starting with Brett King, author of Safe Ai letter (Feb.2023), will participate in the Organizational committee of INCLUSIVE AI INITIATIVE. After gathering their opinitons on the ruling principles of INCLUSIVE AI.

AI models should comply with future INCLUSIVE AI ruling principles in the training process. The process of election of the INCLUSIVE AI EXPERT PANEL is designed to as an advisory body for self-regulation of AI industry.

Otherwise, all risks G.Hinton and other experts are warning about, may become the reality…

And #1 risk is that AI will destroy jobs.

In this article we present an Open AI aggregated expert consensus on megatrends that could produce the maximal economic effect, by sharing benefits adoption of top rated Emerging technologies, MetaALl Sharing Economy is facilitating.

MetaAll Experts predict that emerging technologies have the potential to both shrink the jobs number short term and significantly boost the economy in a long run. Some of the technologies that are expected to have a maximum impact include autonomous agents, Enterprise AI, renewable energy, 5G networks, digital healthcare, and autonomous vehicles.

Artificial intelligence (AI) could replace the equivalent of 300 million full-time jobs, a report by investment bank Goldman Sachs says. It could replace a quarter of work tasks in the US and Europe but may also mean new jobs and a productivity boom in emerging markets. Even increase the total annual value of goods and services produced globally by 7%

What jobs are more likely to resist AI / automatization.

The healthcare and social assistance sector is expected to grow the most with an annual rate of 2.6 percent. This will add around five million new jobs over that decade. That is about one-third of all the new jobs expected to be created. Other areas that are likely to experience growth include professional services, construction, leisure and hospitality, government, finance and education. And Saudi Arabia will account for almost all these new jobs in construction and hospitality!

INCLUSIVE AI is crucial in the election year.

The founder of Stability AI Emad Mostaque highlights the importance of open source AI to counter the influence of bad actors in elections in 50 countries in 2024.

It is important to avoid imposing Western models of ethics on the world and instead allow different cultures and regions to shape their own ethical frameworks. The key to aligning AI with human values is to make AI reflect the diversity and humanity of different cultures and perspectives.

The potential of AI to flip the internet lies in empowering individuals with their own AI systems shifting the soft power to the edge.

The future must be “AI for the people by the people.”

The future of AI relies on collaboration and openness, not on closed and private development. Let’s return to the origin of Elon Musk’s idea of Open AI

METAALL Business model of marketplace of pre-sales of NEOM and other KSA projects and prediction of the demand for games, with do the sharing of benefits from MetaAll marketplace residents.

What is MetaAll role in INCLUSIVE AI creation.

· The vision is to have personalized AI models for every individual, company, country, and culture, ensuring transparency and avoiding biases inherent in technology. Open innovation and the sharing of knowledge are key to unlocking humanity’s potential and solving our greatest problems. USP: get $1M in one year or in 20, depending on your Rating in MetaAll game of AI skills.

Starting Spring 2024, MetaAll subscribers will get training + personal autonomous agent that finds you the best conditions of earning / buying.

The best one is MetaAll value: discount on club purchases you’re voting with your Clan.

And Clan itself is your stability in changing world: daily gatherings for support, which increases Rating (give your Clan member a job, a co-living place, etc).

METAALL Business model of pre-sales of KSA projects and prediction of the demand for games, with do the sharing of benefits from MetaAll marketplace residents. Starting with training on new technologies:

MetaAll Inclusive AI initiative of sharing benefits from $Trillion Neom value chain.

MetaAlliance initially was invited to bring top Emerging tech companies to UAE. But in 2023, after meetings at events in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, including a meeting with Sam Altmat, MetaAll has relocated to Saudi Arabia, where we are working with Neom and its AI division Tonomus.

MetaAlliance story.

It all started with my keynote at WEF, in the year of first AI disruption. This year, I also met with SoftBank founder, after my contribution to scaling of such unicorns, as Uipath and GetYourGuide

And continued with second WEF, where I have presented the Rating of Emerging tech and principles of Sharing Economy.

The details on MetaAll and INCLUSIVE AI coming soon ….



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