New XR promo is ultra effective one

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3 min readAug 25, 2022

Meta Alliance XR promo for Netflix+Fortnite and Ikonic.

Effect of XR promo by Meta Alliance
  1. The effect of XR promo by Meta Alliance was overwhelming, there is public message from Ikonic founder.

2. After our event in Miami, we got Association of Community Colleges with 10 Mln.students + members of colleges sport teams and events guests! There is picture of Meta Alliance XR cross-promo for Netflix+Fortnite, shot in Miami

Metaverse Expo

Metabook DAO has a lot of differentiators for XR metaverse mass adoption. MVP is doing XR promo in almost billion places, and we only need local agents in all countries, to share 90% from clients’ orders with them and local influencers/partners

What is Metabook DAO and how such companies, as Netflix, could increase client base with Meta Alliance toolkit?

DAO is the best mechanism of scaling to 100 countries in one year.

Demand is skyrocketing in our area. And we have 16 companies in the waitlist for XR metamarketing, the only one mechanism to reach billion places worldwide, with your 3d promo / video. There are videos from Meta Alliance XR promo for Netflix+Fortnite.

Decentralized Agent Organization of XR Marketing agents: a sort of “XR GoogleAds”

We are integrating tools into agent interface, to empower partners or our Metamarketing web3 Reserve System. You’d be surprised on the Plato toolkits for doing most of the processes we have in Metabook Reserve System.

Clubs and DAOs are the future of decentralized economy.

Akshay Ruparelia says he’s looking to “reinvent private member clubs” by making this one an online-first experience.

The most active contributors will get free tickets, and will be elected Metabook DAO Ambassadors.

All power to users.

Meta Alliance — Metabook builds the economic base of Metaverse Economy, called Memenomics. The main rule of Memenomics is “Format shifting to Metaverse gives users the ownership upon memes”.

Practically, that is the opposite to Facebool/Twitter rules. You know, according to Facebook Terms, it is the owner of all User Generated Content!

You decide!

Metabook DAO is empowering users to do format shifting (using NFT format), to get the ownership rights upon their content! The Metabook Clans crowdvoting will decide on taking the best NFTs to Reserve pool, the outcome of which will be shared with the NFT creator and all Clan’s

CrowdRating mechanism decides on what game/ NFT to buy out into the Reserve pool, or to use in marketing campaigns.

With each campaign, the value only increases = meme capital (think Musk) !

Despite of other markets fall, Metaverse area will become the fastest-growing one. And Metabook Metamarketing is the most cost-effective: influencer-driven activation of brand image in one million places! At fraction of cost of such events, as FIFA!

Join waitlist on

and choose your Clan in Discord (follow instructions



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