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3 min readApr 2, 2024

RulesBook of MetaAll Sharing network of influencers and innovators.

Exchanging skills for opportunities, is the matter of status in AI-driven economy.

Products Are Often More Entertainment-Based Than You Might Think. And the ultimate Entertainment is to be the winner. Most innovative person in some network or industry.

  • The user in a game will churn out it he’s not feeling the right balance of: 1.Challenged 2.Motivated 3.Rewarded — Use these principles in business
  • That same principle can be applied to a lot of other products. NPS is now more important than LTV, cos high NPS triggers network effects, new clients
  • Best Opportunities are scarce. The winner takes it all. Think Battle Royale. Or flash sales in retail, where it’s just constrained inventory or limited time.
  • Competing in the innovations-driven economy is about creating something even more scarce to differentiate. You see this continually recirculating game of tightening up that scarcity. If status is the key driver of how people act on stage, suddenly everything becomes clear.
  • When you think about status, one of the important things to understand in the long run is that managing a network and the status dynamics within it evolves over time. In the early days of Instagram, there was a sense of progression in that they had filters and things that allowed you to feel like you were improving as a photographer.
  • That’s a very big societal shift because if a centralized provider can guarantee the scarcity of that virtual good, then it actually does have emotional value. Look at TikTok, there are interesting new status games or scarcity-based games that are defined by their particular platform.
  • Innovating on the product level: how you build your product, part of what you’re doing is defining what scarcity means on your platform. On MetaAll, we plan to have a ranked list of every reviewer on the entire site.
  • It will be especially beneficial for MetaAll member to write the first review on a product that had no customer reviews. First reviewer gets product on GetNowPayLater basis. These restrictions, in order to create the scarcity, drive initial white-hot center type activity, which then can bleed into bigger products.
  • Globally, we have these social networks (professional, scientific, social), that allow us to see the activity or status of other people all over the world. A lot of political debate on social networks can model as ‘team versus team’
  • You actually need a proof of work. You do need some friction in the product, and it can be used for something good. It can be used to motivate. Rule: “remove friction, increase virality, increase engagement, increase network effects, regardless of what form that engagement takes.”
  • Network effects in MetaAll comes from a bunch of synchronous processes and rituals, like going to events. And speaking at events, that is prize.
  • Feature we’re to introduce on one can see what innovations a member of clan might be getting at that moment.
  • In the immortal words of Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Status is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.”
  • That many of the largest tech companies are, in part, status as a service businesses, is not often discussed. Most people don’t like to admit to being motivated by status, and few CEO’s are going to admit that the job to be done for their company is stroking people’s egos.
  • From a user perspective, people are starting to talk more and more about the soul-withering effects of playing an always-on status game through the social apps on their always connected phones. You could easily replace Status as a Service with FOMO as a Service. It’s one reason you can still meet so many outrageously wealthy people in Manhattan or Silicon Valley who are still miserable.
  • Thanks to Eugene Wei for inspiration



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