LEAP strategy for MBS: AI/XR consolidation. for Vision fund goals

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Kings law: a couple of winners in Emerging tech race take in all

Follow up of SoftBank and WEF meetings

At Softbank event for their portfolio startups in 2019, I learned about Vision fund’s strategy of leadership in AI-driven economy, and at WEF I presented Emtech rating, aimed at consolidation of startups for them.

Because of internal issues (linked with WeWork and COVID disruption of Uber, its biggest assets), Vision fund didn’t invest in the best AI companies I presented to them (except one). So they missed out this AI boom.

But SoftBank’s biggest shareholder, Saudi Arabia, now could become the beneficiary of lucrative strategy behind Vision fund. What MBS can do for accelerating the implementation of this strategy?

There is proposed Road map:

  1. Create a Uber-like platform for XR / AI specialists, each company and household would be in need of. In just a cuple of years Meta Alliance has designed the underlying business model: like “duty free” business model but for XR and AI-driven service economy. And we have consolidated the core team for that purpose in https://metaalliance.world/
  2. Make a global contest, for inventing High-Tech dream for replacement of fadding American dream. Thus triggering a global brain drain to Saudi Arabia, similar to that brain drain Hollywood and WW2 triggered one, which has produced the surge of best talents to USA in 1941–2000. www.MetaAll.club is the first approach to that Massive Transformative purpose.
  3. Investing in AI / XR social media platform for self-promotion of NEOM and other Saudi mega projects. A sort of Hollywood for GenZ/GenA. Something like TikTop or AI filters but with some added value from MetaAll. See half of this tech stack on https://ozonemetaverse.io/

and here https://banuba.medium.com/best-face-filter-apps-like-snapchat-to-spark-your-creativity-2019-8c0042300e37

  1. Tencent-inspired Vision fund’s AI strategy, which wasn’t implemented by Masa Son, should be adjusted to the needs of AI-disrupted global economy. There is Edward Musinski — Brett King vision behind this https://virtual-strategy.com/2022/01/14/technosocial-innovations-mass-adoption-trade-union-of-responsible-and-effective-micro-influencers/

Other elements of this “AI winners take it all” strategy will be open to public in December, and first results showcased at LEAP event. Most important: outcomes of this strategy should be shared with all participants of the contest and MetaAll Sharing Economy. offering them the opportunity to become the promoters of digital/ XR / AI-driven economy!

This way, King’s law would produce one leaders of new economy but millions of beneficiaries, as it is described in the article

Power of great strategy and Mission driven culture

American dream, the most powerful social engine of 20 century, was a by-product of Hollywood development. In the same way, using Vision-derived strategy, one could get the leadership position in Trillion $ AI / XR market, by investing just in some media platforms and financing this contest

MetaAll has working AI toolkit for redirecting TikTok users to our XR media platform, and the power of Sharing revenue: we create regional / country chapters of this contest, where sponsors would get the most cost-effective marketing mechanism. This way, after small imput from contest backers, this mechanism becomes self-sustainable.

Why? Because of thought leadership of MetaAll expert panel with Prime Futurism Brett King, author of books, quoted by heads of Central Banks and event by Chinese President (google “Augmented Chinese president”)

Brett King has initiated AI Ethics Council in January 2023. He promotes principles of technosocial inclusion of large masses in data driven economy. Listed to his podcasts to understand how wealth distribution is powered by technology and is empowering the emerging leaders


Brett King and Ed Musinski,

October 2023



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