How to fundraise this Fall: RealDeal backers interested in vetted startups

We select startups for RealDeal Summit. If you’re not the best in your area, you’d not be there.

I have the experience, attracting SoftBank investments to Get Your Guide, after contributing to scaling this unicorn internationally. All my experience with startups shows that outsourced IR team is a good solution.

When choosing IR brocker, take a look at their personal network. Only personal connections/ track record of your IR representative could guarantee the access to leading investors.

The name of person that recommends you to the investor, that is first mechanism of vetting startups.

This mechanism is used in RealDeal program. RealDeal partners are doing the research and crowdrating of startups, which would be offered the place at RealDeal Summit, November 24–26, Dubai.

Whom we expect?

The leaders of emerging tech areas, such as Metaverse, digital health, web3, SaaS, will be vetted and presented to investors, before the Summit.

At RealDeal Summit, the final decisions and in some cases, closed deals would be presented.

Know a future leader of emerging tech? Send an email to ed at



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