Dubai became the best place for European influencers & startups

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2 min readOct 10, 2022

The most prospective place to gain momentum, now became more affordable for Europeans.

Dubai just lifted visa and rent limitations! So, opening a representative office here is the best way to reach markets with 3 B population, at a quarter of expenses one needs to open in the Silicon Valley.

And no limits for fundraising here. Dubai is home to 27 open funds with ~€1.8 bln dry powder ready to deploy.

Let’s compare: to live in Dubai, the most expensive are Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah. For a one-bedroom apartment in either of these locations, it would now cost you between €10k / $21k) per year. Next up in Dubai, Village Circle, or JVC as it’s more commonly known, is even less expensive

Adding $2k co-working costs, you get $12–24k cost of doing business in Dubai. In Silicon Valley, be ready to pay 50K for rent plus 8k coworking.

Meta Alliance invites influencers and entrepreneurs.

One could win the tender of one of Dubai Ministries, including new Ministry of Metaverse, created after me and Brett King presented the initiative of Dr.Fahed Al Merhebi at Summit in Dubai.

At this Summit, there were presented data on Metaverse expenses. Up to 18% of IT/digital marketing budgets are invested now in Metaverse technologies and marketing. Meta Alliance is connecting startups with influencers and partners.

Forget everything you read or heard about raising funds from investors: all changed this year.

Insight #1: Do not select investors. It does not matter if their website says that they only invest in Series-A. Even their field does not matter. Let me give you an example.

Startups are hunting investors, investors are hunting startups. They are there to make money, and time is money.

For expample, if you’re a climate tech startup, just email all these funds

How I can help influencers and starups from Europe.

Localization implies having somebody well-connected, able to make you connected with local authorities and top executives.

My credentials are linked with Meta Alliance USA, where I consolidated top influenecers, like

Let’s catch up if thinking about the most cost-effective expansion.

Edward Musinski,

spin-doctor in Metaverse / emerging tech



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