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3 min readFeb 25, 2019

Elon Musk has announced that he’s making all of Telsa’s patents public in the spirit of open source movement. Open source is the driver of innovations and rapid growth. So, Tesla’s move is very strategic.

Open source and sharing economy model is the win-win strategy in the new economy. The vision of sharing is inherent in the blockchain and was adopted by Bitcoin pioneers. Such as Blue Chip Vision founder Robert Masters and his colleagues. Robert’s was a founding partner of ADCA (The Australian Digital Commerce Association), Australia’s leading industry council that now drives global blockchain awareness with its ‘industry code of conduct’

Robert Masters, bitcoin ATM pioneer.

Billion dollars assets of Blue Chip Vision.

BCV solution is more than a simple auction or cashback program. To start, the company licenses and customizes their Opportunity Access Queue (OAQ) and proceeds to configure an OAQ auction, they advertise it through the BCNetwork. For clients, Blue Chip Vision make value by adding a ‘BLUE CHIP ACCESS’ button that gives preferred/early access to the opportunity.

BCV assets are valued about $1 Bln. There are:

BASLx, revolutionises cryptocurrency investment by allowing the coins/tokens to be invested in real-world assets.
A White Label Blockchain-agnostic Plug-and-Play Financial/Asset EMS Rizomic™ is Blue Chip Vision’s underlying and supporting technology platform with the primary function of connecting real-world assets to the blockchain. It is a blockchain-agnostic asset and transaction management system working across multiple existing blockchain protocols in a plug-and-play manner.
Cellflock™, the decentralized digital identity management system that puts the user back in control of their personal data, and these are the main Blue Chip Vision tools.
The intellectual property of Blue Chip Vision (Rizomic™, Cellflock™ and BASLx™) valued now at more than USD $1 Bln. is protected by a family of patents, including a recently granted continuation patent.

Wealthcare: Health=Wealth.

Weathhcare is the concept of the DAYS co-founder Edward Musinski based on the newest Financial Market Transparency theory by Paolo Sironi. This concept was born after Cube Tech conference in Berlin, where a lot of brilliant minds were presented: Galia Benartzi (Bancor, Founders Fund), Falon Fatemi (Google), Eugene Kaspersky, Dr. Sebastian Guth, Dimitra Papadopoulou ( Head of Blockchain Practice Germany)

The idea is accumulated costs hidden by efficiently inefficient price mechanisms caused the collapse in 2008. The environmental externalities caused by expectations of continuous growth are exceeding planetary limits, so, a new crisis is inevitable.

The questions that were asked in another forum, Davos: how to avoid mass unemployment and maintain effective demand for the economic growth?

Conditional Basic Income.

The answer to these questions was presented on the last day of the World Economic Forum by Conditional Basic Income

Financial Market Transparency (FMT) theory by Paolo Sironi is recognizing homo sapiens as both rational and irrational while facing uncertainty. How to deal with irrational motivation?

DAYS has the solution to make the world the better place, where incentives of health industry players and patients are aligned.

A percentage of turnover in DAYS sharing economy is put into a unit-linked fund in order to provide health insurance, and investment insurance for the DAYS members. FMT by Paolo Sironi proposes novel micro foundations that describe the biological nature of financial markets to increase antifragility.

Transparency is the invisible hand in sharing economy.

The first step toward our goal is to consolidate scientific and investment community on the cloud platform of DAYS Scientific blockchain. For us, blockchain technology is a very new way to make a peer reviews and scientific consensus upon transparent technologies.

DAYS is to create a blockchain panel of global top experts, who in the process of verifying the longevity technologies will make the Rating of longevity technologies, and Ranking of sustainable longevity providers, and will pledge for their decisions.

The Institutional investors will co-invest in DAYS pipeline, as they will be sure in Ratings produced by DAYS Scientific Blockchain Panel.



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