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2 min readDec 19, 2022
MX Hub Chairman E.Musinski hold the Award for Vaival

Last week, MX Hub residents have got few Award. One of them, Vaival, has got 3 Awards at different events, one of them from President of Pakistan!

MX Hub resident Vaival (Bloxbytes)

MX Hub is very selective in accepting residents into its Sharing Ecosystem.

MX Hub was created as result of the merging of E.Musinski’s assets (startups rating platform) and Phygital group, located under the roof of Dubai Ministry of Economy.

MX Rating of Emerging tech companies is the only one of that kind of rating that has proven results. It is weighing the team 30% of the score (because it’s core of success), and is weighing the strategy 10%, cos MX experts can help them fix the strategy).

Most startups are weak on strategy. The criteria for a scalable startup is fit-to-market on international markets and show whether or not the startup could move forward, and how well the product is commercialized.

The methodology finally includes an expert panel of global top experts, such as Adiv Baruch (Israel Export Institute https://www.crunchbase.com/person/adiv-baruch), Dr.Robert Goldman ( http://goldman.metabook.digital/ ) and fintech influencer #1 Brett King http://brettking.com/

The MX Emtech Rating will be announced this week.

Other details on MX Hub legacy, see on





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